Aunt Ruth


Species Zucchini
Age ?
Voiced by ?

Aunt Ruth is Larry's aunt. She is a zucchini.


  • In Are You My Neighbor?, Jerry mentions her as he asks "Is it my imagination, or does Aunt Ruth have a beard?".
  • In the silly song Love My Lips, Larry mentions her as he says that his Great Aunt Ruth had a beard.
    • It is unknown if it is the same Aunt Ruth, or if the current Aunt Ruth was named after her.
  • In The Song of the Cebu, Larry shows a slide of him and his Aunt Ruth at the airport. She has a bandage on her face, presumably from shaving.
  • In the book Bob and Larry's ABC's, she makes a brief appearance in a picture frame.


  • So far, she has yet to make a full appearance in the show.


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