The episode begins with Larry-Boy saying, "I am that Hero". Larry doesn't feel special any more. He's tired of being "plain old Larry", he couldn't do anything special like fly or save people when he was just Larry. Bob got a letter from Mrya Eggleston from Youngstown, Pennsylvania saying she felt the same way. So he starts to tell them the story of "David and Goliath". David, or "Dave", was a young Israelite shepherd who had seven brothers, but only three brothers appeared in the story. Their dad, Jesse came and had horrible news, "The Philistines Are Attacking". And Everybody Screamed. He told his sons that King Saul was forming an army against them but told Dave to stay home because he was too little. After all that they went to the battlefield, only to get yelled at by the Philistines. Then, a little later, Goliath The Giant Pickle Came.

And then, a Silly Song With Larry called, "Love My Lips" is performed. In this number, Larry is at the doctor's office, obsessing over his dreams of having lips while Archibald looks on in confusion.

After the silly song, the Israelites panicked and hid. Per his father's orders, Dave went to the battlefield and brought his brothers food, specifically some pizza. Dave was outraged that Goliath managed to make cowards of the Israelites because he was a giant even though God was bigger. So he went to see King Saul, hoping to convince him to let him battle the Philistine giant. At first, Saul is baffled, and it doesn't help that his armor is useless in Dave's case. However, through singing a song called, "Big Things Too", Dave succeeds in his task. Afterwards, Dave found five stones for his slingshot and went to the battlefield. Goliath was amused and asked jokingly "Am I a dog that you come at me with sticks?" Dave was outraged and told him that God would help him defeat him that day. Then Goliath took of his robe and was wearing boxing gloves and shorts. Dave drew his sling simultaneously, and the two advanced on each other. Dave finally stopped and swung his slingshot in circles as everyone looked in hopefully. Dave brought the stone upon Goliath's forehead, which caused him to die. His corpse fell to the ground flat on his face. The Israelites celebrated while the Philistines ran of in fear of Dave. According to both Bob and the Bible, Dave became Israel's king a few years later.

3D Modeling

  • Junior Asparagus as Dave
  • Jerry Gourd as Dave's Brother
  • Jimmy Gourd as Another Brother
  • Tom Grape as Yet Another Brother
  • Goliath as Himself
  • Pa Grape as Jesse (Dave's Father)
  • Archibald Asparagus as King Saul
  • Jean Claude and Christophee as Philistines
  • Lenny Carrot and Peas as additional Israelites
  • French Peas as additional Philistines
  • Bob the Tomato
  • LarryBoy


  • Veggietales Theme
  • Love My Lips
  • Big Things Too
  • What Have We Learned

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