Species Celery
Voiced by Phil Vischer

Frankencelery first appeared in Where's God When I'm S-Scared? as the star of the veggie horror film, that Junior was watching, "Frankencelery". Hailing from Toledo, Ohio, Frankencelery is a mild-mannered, high-voiced celery stalk (although in The Yodeling Veterinarian of the Alps, Bob Lends A Helping Hand, and Larry Learns To Listen, Frankencelery sings the low bass part in a quartet with the Rapscallions). Frankencelery's real name is Phil Winklestein. Apparently, he actually does sport purple eyelids, cervical electrodes, black hair and a unibrow outside of his acting career, since in all of his appearances, he is bedecked to resemble the classic Frankenstein's monster, but behaves more like Herman Munster. He appeared as a background citizen of Bumblyburg in Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space. He is voiced by Phil Vischer. He also appears in the VeggieTales book Junior's Colors.

Frankencelery isn't a scary veggie. Actually he's Phil Winkelstein- an actor from Toledo. Frankencelery has a kind demeanor and helped Bob and Larry scare the Fears out of Junior.


Frankencelery (Phil Winklestein)


  • It is revealed he has a son, or so it may seem. In the coloring book Behind The Silliness!, his son, Phil Jr., was shown.
  • He sounds like Jimmy Gourd in the first episode.
  • This veggie is cross between a Frankenstein and celery.

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