King George and the Ducky
King George and the Ducky is the 13th episode in VeggieTales. It was released on April 11, 2000 on VHS, and on May 30, 2003 on DVD. Subtitled "A lesson about... Selfishness", it teaches viewers that they must think of others before themselves. The message is conveyed through a story based on the Biblical account of David and Bathsheba from Second Samuel.

Although the VeggieTales adaptation remains relatively true to the source, Bathsheba is represented by a rubber ducky, thus replacing the sin of adultery with the less difficult crime or theft. Because the essence of the story remains intact as the King covets something belonging to his neighbor and takes it for his own and the selfish act is later condemned by a wiseman/prophet.


King George (played by Larry the Cucumber) loves to take baths and spends more time in the bathtub with his rubber ducky than helping with the Great Pie War. One day, he sees Thomas (played by Junior Asparagus) taking a bath with a ducky and tells his adviser, Louis (played by Bob the Tomato), that he wants it, even though he has many duckies of his own. Louis tries to talk him out of it, but to no avail. King George's general, Cedric, comes in and tells him that they need more men at the front. King George tells Cedric to send Tomas to the front, where he will be "creamed", the general reluctantly complies. While Thomas is gone, King George and Louis sneak out to steal Thomas's ducky.

King George is admiring his stolen duck, when Cedric comes in with Thomas and tells King George how heroic Tomas was at the front by himself, though the trauma of war caused him to lose his mind. King George says that he will give Tomas the highest honor in the kingdom and Cedric and Tomas leave. King George is about to leave to take a bath when Melvin (played by Pa Grape), the slightly odd wise man comes in. He needs to tell King George a story and uses a flannelgraph to illustrate. He tells the story of a rich man with many sheep and a poor man with but one lamb. One day, the rich man had a guest and instead of using one of his sheep to feed him, he took the poor man's lamb. King George asks Melvin if this is a true story, Melvin assures him that his story is true. King George declares that for what he did, the rich man should be locked away in the dungeon and asks Melvin who it is. Melvin replies that King George is the rich man and Thomas is the poor man, that King George has been selfish, and must ask God and Thomas to forgive him. King George has Thomas take a warm, toasty, steamy hot bath in the royal tub, which cures him of his madness. King George then tells Thomas what he did and asks him to forgive him, which he does. George also prays and asks for God's forgiveness. Melvin then asks King George what he learned and King George answers by singing about how being selfish does not make you, or anyone around you, happy.



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