(After the Veggie Tales theme song, we fade in on Bob and Larry on the countertop)

Bob: Hi kids! I'm Bob the Tomato!

Larry: And I'm Larry the Cucumber!

Bob: Welcome to VeggieTales! Now, Larry and I have been getting a lot of letters with questions about sharing.

Larry: We sure have! "When do I have to share?" "Why do I have to share?" "What ever happened to Sonny and Cher?", questions, questions, questions!

Bob: Uh, yeah... Anyway, we decided to tackle all of your sharing questions in one show! So---

Archibald: Oh, Bob! Yes, yes! Bob!

Bob: Uh, what is it Archibald? We're in the middle of a show...

Archibald: Oh, yes, exactly! I couldn't help but notice that in King George and the Ducky, you let Jimmy and Jerry put on a show!

Bob: Uh, yeah, but it didn't work out very well......

Archibald: Understandably so, them being...them and all...You see I've noticed that to date, VeggieTales has been somewhat lacking in the taste and culture department.

Bob: Your point?

Archibald: I'd like to do a show!

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