Mr. Nezzer

Mr. Nezzer

Species Zucchini
Voiced by Phil Vischer

Mr. Nebby K. Nezzer is an elderly zucchini with a booming voice, who made his debut in Rack, Shack, and Benny, in which he owns a chocolate bunny factory, with Mr. Lunt as his unpleasant assistant (he was considered to be the antagonist). In The Toy That Saved Christmas, Mr. Nezzer plays his brother, Wally P. Nezzer, who owns the toy factory and makes Buzz-Saw Louie dolls, advertising them in a TV commercial. In Very Silly Songs!, he sings the new and improved lyrics to The Bunny Song. In Larry-Boy and the Fib from Outer Space, he has three cameos as one of the background citizens of Bumblyburg. In Josh and the Big Wall, he has another non-speaking role as Moses. In Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed, he appears as a background citizen of Bumblyburg, and remembers the time when Alfred helped him out for a good dinner party. In Esther... The Girl Who Became Queen, he appears as King Xerxes, the king of Persia. In Lyle The Kindly Viking, he appears as Viking Olaf and himself in the Silly Songs with Larry, Larry's High Silk Hat. In Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie, he makes a cameo appearance as an Israel merchant. In The Star of Christmas and An Easter Carol, he is Ebenezer Nezzer, owning a theatre in the Christmas video and an Easter egg factory, employing Cavis and Millward (based on Gilbert and Sullivan) in the Easter video. In The Ballad of Little Joe and Moe and The Big Exit, he appears as the Mayor of Dodgeball City. In The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: A VeggieTales Movie, he appears as Mr. Hibbing. In Duke and the Great Pie War, he appears as Novak. In Bully Trouble, he appears as "Da Coach". In Lord of the Beans, he is a wizard named Randalf. In Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler, he appears as the manager of the Food Factory in Don Quixote's story and as Detective Trout in the Sheerluck Holmes story. In Gideon: Tuba Warrior, he is one of the hairy Midianites. In Tomato Sawyer and Huckleberry Larry's Big River Rescue, he plays Mr. Dooley, and Minnesota Cuke and The Search for Noah's Umbrella, he plays Humprey Muffet. He is voiced by Phil Vischer.


  • Mr. Lunt sometimes calls him "Boss".
  • His name is a pun of the King Nebuchadnezzar, the ancient king of Babylon.
  • He is not a bad man, he just gets confused sometimes.
  • He usually plays as good guy, but however he performs as villain in some episodes.
  • He initially was a villain first, later he reforms to believe in God.

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