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Veggietales Rack Shack & benny

Rack, Shack, and Benny is the fourth Veggie Tales show. It was released in

April 4, 1995. A lesson is in handling peer pressure. It is the 4th video after Are You My Neighbor? and before Dave And The Giant Pickle.


The show starts with Bob the Tomato alone. Larry The Cucumber appears on the countertop wearing an oven mitt on his head. When asked why, he says it's because he saw it on the cover of "Veggie Beat" magazine and that everyone's doing it. Unable to see, however, he crashes into the sink. Bob reads a letter from Dexter Wilmington from Tuscaloosa, Alabama about peer pressure and the story begins.

The story is told by George, who made his debut on this episode. We are introduced into the world of the Nezzer Chocolate Factory where the employees work hard all day making chocolate bunnies on an assembly line. In celebration of selling their two-millionth chocolate bunny, Mr. Nezzer announces that for 30 minutes all employees may eat all the bunnies they want. While all break ravenously into the chocolate, Shack convinces his friends Rack and Benny that they should not gorge themselves on candy, as their mothers and fathers had taught them.

When Mr. Nezzer comes out to soak up the appreciation of his employees, he finds them all lying ill… except for three. Rack, Shack, and Benny are rewarded and made Junior Executives (they originally worked in the plant) The following day Mr. Nezzer calls them into his office and tells them that he has constructed a 90-foot (27 m) high bunny; he believes that if the bunny were a big bunny, then all his workers would love it as much as he. To make matters worse, he also reveals the dreaded "Bunny Song", with the lyrics implying that nothing in the world is more important than the bunny. He intends to force all his employees to bow down before the bunny statue and sing the song; those who refuse will be thrown into the factory's furnace like the "bad bunnies".

Naturally, this causes Rack, Shack, and Benny great concern since they do not agree with the words in the song. And when the time comes they refuse to bow and sing. Mr. Nezzer condemns them to the furnace, but gives them one last chance to sing the song; still they refuse, explaining that they were taught to stand by what they believe is right.

Mr. Nezzer sends them down a chute into the furnace, but Laura Carrot rescues them with a delivery truck. Her rescue attempts are thwarted though, and in spite of her efforts, they are dropped into the furnace anyway. But they do not burn. A fourth person appears in the furnace ("He's really shiny," says Mr. Lunt) and they are spared. Rack, Shack, and Benny emerge from the furnace unscathed. Mr. Nezzer reconciles with himself. The story ends with a song about standing up for what you believe in.

Back on the countertop Bob and Larry wrap up, but Larry is still stuck in the sink. He recognizes now the futility that landed him there, that just because everyone else is wearing an oven mitt doesn't mean that he has to. He laments his wasted life, but Bob offers to help and ends up stuck in the sink himself as the episode ends.

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