The Whale is a giant yellow whale, who appeared in Jonah: A VeggieTales Movie. He was told by God to eat Jonah as punishment for not delivering the message to Nineveh, but he swim away to Nineveh for three days and nights. He only makes grunting and groaning noises. His favorite television show is Jabberjaw. His favorite food is Geoduck clams. His favorite form of transportation is a mini-cooper. His favorite pasttime is searching for the elusive giant squid. His favorite movie quote is "Fish, plankton, sea greens... protein from the sea!". He lives under the sea. If he wasn't an actor, he would be a whale. He describes himself as bold and beautiful. He is voiced by Frank Welker (uncredited). He appeared again in Pistachio where he swallowed Espresso, Milano, Dorito, Gelato, Pistachio and Cricket. After the whale swallows Pistachio and Cricket, Cricket says "Deja vu just isn't strong enough..." referring to when the Whale swallowed him in Jonah.

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