The Wonderful World of Auto-tainment is an episode from 2003. In this episode, Larry introduces Bob to the future of entertainment... Randomly generated auto-tainment! A performer gets chosen on a wheel, with swarming balls of disorder being drawn (similar to winning lottery numbers being drawn) which choose the genre and the topic. Robots also tell randomly generated jokes in the future that make no sense. Such as, "What is the solution to the equation two plus two? Weed-eater" Mr. Lunt is also able to get future employment by becoming one of the robots.


  • The frog from the book The Great Cheese Squeeze mades a cameo in A Hole At The Bottom Of The Sea song.
  • When the Wheel is Spinning you can see other unpicked characters.
  • This episode also includes a laugh track on scenes where the robots tell randomly generated jokes, and is the only VeggieTales episode to include such a thing.


  • One of the pictures had Lyle on it, but when they say "There's a flea", the picture changed.

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